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Introduction to Statistics for Veterinary Graduates

University of Melbourne, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Werribee: 1-4 October 2013


  1. Combination of lectures, resource material, and hands-on training in statistics
  2. Using SPSS and Excel
  3. Real world datasets and worked examples
  4. Outcomes:
    1. Be able to manage data in preparation for analysis
    2. Be able to complete exploratory data analysis and develop an analytical plan
    3. Be able to do routine analyses and some more advanced analyses
    4. Know how to identify problems and either solve them yourself or seek appropriate help
    5. Be able to apply appropriate statistical methods in a way that allows the findings to be published in a refereed scientific journal (such as the Australian Veterinary Journal or similar standard), or a post-graduate thesis.
  5. The course will be run all day (8 am to 5 pm) on Tuesday 1 October to Friday 4 October. 2013. This is an intensive course. There will be exercises to work on during class time that may require some work during the evenings. Please budget the time appropriately.
  6. In order to participate in the course you must prepare your computing resources and a suitably set up laptop is necessary.
    1. The software for the course is IBM SPSS Statistics Version 21 (earlier versions should be OK)

Preparation - things to do before the course starts

  1. Install SPSS and open it and have a play
  2. Work through the Brief Guide IBM_SPSS_Statistics_Brief_Guide, This is an excellent general introduction to getting the program opened and some of the general data management actions.
  3. Download the resource material and glance through it. We wont be going through everything there (it is fairly extensive) but we will cover a fair amount. The material has been written with detailed worked examples in SPSS to serve as a resource for you if and when you come to doing a particular type of analysis.
  4. Please feel free to bring your own datasets and your study design/issues for discussion during the course


Draft Course Schedule for Introduction to Statistics for Veterinary Graduates


Resource Material for Introduction to Statistics for Veterinary Graduates


We look forward to seeing you at the course.

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