AusVet Training Program

AusVet's Training Experience

Discussion forum


Animal Health Surveillance and Diagnostic Tests Workshop

19-23 August 2013
Venue: URA Training Room, 45 MAXWELL ROAD, THE URA CENTRE, Singapore

Workshop Program

Download the draft program here

Angus's surveillance powerpoint
Angus's case detection powerpoint
Angus's case detection spreadsheet

Pre-Reading and general epidemiology/surveillance resources

These resources are for reference and general interest and are not written specifically for this course.

Manuals for application of tests and basic disease surveillance

Additional surveillance and epidemiology resources


Below are some of the presentations likely to be used in the first couple of days of the course. Please note, These could change between now and when they are presented, but updated copies of all presentations will be provided during the course.

We look forward to seeing you at the course.

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